Getting Aptana working under Ubuntu 11.04

Apparently, Unity breaks Aptana’s file menu. Here’s how to get it working

  1. Make sure you have sun java installed (not open).
  2. Extract the zip into /usr/lib/
  3. Then, a work around is necessary in order to get the menu working right under Unity. Create a script with this in it:
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Creating a script/gui relationship with antlr and C#

I’ll be editing and adding to this post heavily in the near future. I’m about to head to Austin for an interview and just wanted my latest up before taking off.  I also just just posted a new project over at github.

Better tidbits:

AST Evaluation grammar
Parser/Lexer grammar

Business Logic Layer and the Toggle interface control implementation of IMeta

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The Beast lives!

THE BEAST lives!

Play music to fully enter the lair.

The Beast, to those that know her, is a notorious, merciless home wrecker. In a fast paced game of cards, the odds drift elusively in your favor, and then, the beast takes off an arm. Taming her is a challenge worthy of today’s cell phone gamer.

That was the tag line for my newly-open-sourced cell phone game, The Beast! Continue reading

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Refactoring refrain

In an effort to become more prolific and less of a perfectionist, I’ve decided to post all my nerdy endeavors, including mistakes. The original program I’m discussing in this article can be found in source here or explained here.

Today, I loaded up my billing parser and saw this:
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Line of Business Financial Billing Parser

This article describes a program which parses an excel file for information and then, using data driven design, solicits user input for the final valuation of the data.
Full source code available in an open source github repository.

The problem:

A Directv installation company recently hired me because they had a problem: they get paid in bulk and really had no idea what they were getting paid for because their client was just handing them a check. The only thing they were given as an invoice was a normalized database dump. They had no idea what to do with this information so asked me to write something that would tell them exactly how much they were supposed to be paid. Stripped of any proprietary information, the database dump looks like this with approximately 2000 more entries:

Activity Number Order Sub Type OLI Number Product Line Access Card Number
1-VUE1JLK New Install 1 IRD – STANDARD 002212408963
1-VUE1JLK New Install 3 Multi-Switch 002331691473

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Creating user interfaces dynamically

This was my first foray into content driven design and was a lot of fun to develop in WPF.  The idea was to create a centralized cloud delivery method for third party scripts, HUDs, and modifications for a variety of games on the PC platform. Using ANTLR to generate a parser, I made it understand Source engine’s scripting language as a starting poing and it generates user interfaces so that end users can easily modify important attributes of a script. This is generic, so it works over all TF2 and many CSS scripts and could easily be augmented to understand scripting languages in other games. It’s about 60-70% done. The parser and interface generation is complete, but I really need to finish the cloud features to publish it or it’s kind of pointless.

On a side note, I don’t quite understand why Steam doesn’t do this already. Anything that brings third party developers closer to consumers is kind of Valve’s thing. I really need to touch this thing up and publish it.

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Ze Germans!

One day, I will get around to rigging this thing.

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First post!

Let’s start this thing off with some work I did with my roomates. This was done in UT2004 and I remember that waterfall looking like it had more hours of my life in it.

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